Quatretonda, a whole world to discover

A town between the mountains and the plain

Architectural Heritage

Discover the civil and religious architectural heritage of the town with constructions of very varied styles and eras, as well as the parish church of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.

Festivities and traditions

Quatretonda celebrates the “Bous al Carrer” festivities in honor of Sant Pere the last weekend of June, while the patron saint festivities are the first weekend of September.

Natural Place

The Serra de Quatretonda, with its steep orography, where the hills, cliffs and ravines alternate, constitutes a landscaping environment of great beauty and value.

Tips to enjoy serra

The municipal natural sites are the heritage of all and that is why we have to conserve them and protect them so that future generations can enjoy them.

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Quatretonda, a town between the mountains and the plain

The town of Quatretonda belongs to the Vall d’Albaida region (Valencia), being located between three regions: La Vall, la Safor and La Costera.