Quatretonda celebrates its Patron Saint festivities the first weekend of September, where some of the most important acts are the presentation of the young people who are 18 years, “festers” (boys) and “festeres” (girls), the spectacular artistic floats made of “paperets” (small pieces of paper) and others such as night shows, the “coca dolça” (cakes) contest or religious acts.


Sant Pere festivities are held the last weekend of June, starting on Friday with “l’entrà” (entrance) of bulls, continuing with the release of bulls and cows in the streets of the town for 4 days and with orchestras and “vaquillas” (young bulls) at night.

We also find the anniversary of the founding of the Vila de Quatretonda festivity, every 21st October. We celebrate the festivity of Sant Martí, on 11th November, in which the people in procession go to the hermitage to bless and eat the typical “coques” (cakes) of Sant Martí. On 2nd February the Candelaria is celebrated. The second Sunday of May is the Festival of the “carrer Nou”, in honour to the Virgen de los Desamparados, where the traditional “Quatretonda Dansà” (dance) takes place. Other festivities we find are those of the Cooperative or Sants de la Pedra, the pool, the (Valencian) “pilota”(ball) or Sant Joan Street.

Ending the summer, the last week of August, we have a wide range of events such as exhibitions, lectures, documentaries, music, theatre and other performances; hiking and mountain biking trails; the Medieval Market with typical homemade products, all during the Culture Week.

“Quatretonda Dansà” (dance)

Medieval Market