As for the gastronomy, the most typical food you can try is the rice: rice with chicken, oven rice, paella, in all its variations and every time of the year with the respective seasonal products (broad beans, artichokes, beans, mushrooms, cauliflower, thrushes…). The hotel and catering offer is wide and varied, and you can find a wide range of establishments that offer you their specialities, both the most traditional and the most conventional cuisine. In terms of food production, the sausages and the meat from our butchers’ are known for their quality and good taste.

The bread and the traditional specialities of our bakers’, such as “els besos de nòvia”, “les cristinetes”, “les mantecades” and “els pastissets de moniato”, are also famous.

The agriculture gives us products such as wine, oil and fruit of the season that can be found in the shop of the Wine Cooperative. We also have a fine selection of homemade cheeses made by Simona Cooperative in the cottage “l’Heretat de Pere”. Other products within your reach are the bulrush or ceramics and the honey produced by our bee-keepers with the abundant flora of our mountains. You can finally have an invaluable offer of rural tourism accommodation formed by the two aforementioned establishments: the hostel and nature classroom “Casa de la Bastida” in the very heart of the mountains between 15 and 20 people) and the romantic cottage “l’Heretat de Pere” (5 rooms to accommodate 15 people).


Oven rice


“Tendral” melons of Quatretonda